Our Values

Abdus-Sabur Farms operates with the ethics that there is only One Creator of our world and all of its components, animal , mineral or otherwise. Without that Omnipotent Force, we are not able to advance our lives and master the earth and its resources to serve our needs.

A primary expectation of a responsible business is honesty in dealings with all stakeholders. The Abdus-Sabur Farms family requires honesty of ourselves and our public.

As a morally dedicated family business, Abdus-Sabur Farms keeps strong principles and a sense of responsibility foremost in our relationships with vendors, producers, customers and the general public, world-wide.

Each of us merits the dignity and opportunity to achieve and enjoy the best life he/she can develop equitably on this Earth. We hold respect for others in high esteem.

Being farmers in the 21st century, Abdus-Sabur Farms keeps abreast of new research and techniques that benefit the livestock, the producer and consequently the customer. Participation in both local and international learning opportunities using the Internet are invaluable.